Ain’t Gonna’ Happen

Senator Evan Parker demands a second chance, determined to win back his ex-wife, Ronnie Chandler, in Book 1 of The Riverwood Series, Fool Me Once. But Ronnie has moved on, and Evan is on a fool’s errand…as he soon finds out.

Ronnie’s next-door neighbor, closest friend, her confidante and best riding buddy ever, Mindy Morrison-Myers, loses Ronnie’s trust in Book 2, A Bitter Wind Blows. No tears, no gifts, no entreaties can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Icicle thought bubble

Handsome carpenter, Tim Hadley, comes to Willow Farm one hot day in July in Book 3, Signs of Life, to help get hay into the horse barn. After meeting ex-Olympic Three-Day eventer, Asha Hamilton, Tim has eyes for no one else. Not for his erstwhile fiancée, Betsy Mallory, who feels him slipping away. And not for scheming Kendra Van Baalen who’s determined to have him for herself .

In Book 4, Ride A Pale Horse, it’s Luc Deschaines who endures disappointment and despair when his only daughter, Stephanie, delivers shattering news and destroys her father’s lifelong wish.

But, hey, these are Romance novels and they have to have a happy ending so readers can be assured there’s a silver lining in each black cloud.


Oh, My Heart Be Still

oh my heart be stillSometimes, you’re just doing what you’re doing, relatively content, not looking for a relationship. But, sometimes, you have no control over it when it happens.

That’s what happened to Ronnie Chandler in Book 1, Fool Me Once, when The Westlake Group came to Big South Fork to decide whether to underwrite an equestrian community for the owners of Horse Country Real Estate. She set venture capitalist, Luc Deschaines straight right from the beginning. It was strictly business…wasn’t it?

In Book 2, A Bitter Wind Blows, architect Lily Montgomery was selected as project manager for Riverwood and the development progressed. Until Lily found herself pregnant with her first child and was forced to return to Houston for medical reasons.  Aaron Marks steps in. It’s just business, right? Tell that to Ronnie’s colleague, Rickie Ahlers, widowed young by her one true love.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Asha Hamilton didn’t in Book 3, Signs of Life, until she met her brother’s friend, Nick, and fell head over heels. Years later, she’s alone and lonely but she thinks that kind of love only comes along once. Wrong! Now she’s on the receiving end when carpenter Tim Hadley takes one look at this sad, beautiful woman.

In Book 4, Ride a Pale Horse, it’s Luc’s teenage daughter who’s in love. With a horse. But a handsome cowboy sweeps her off her feet and she starts thinking about riding off together into the sunset…

These are the books in The Riverwood Series. In each, there’s a story of attraction, of love that takes the characters by surprise, that grows and won’t be denied. Who will fall in love in Book 5, Far And Away? It’s the current work in progress so we won’t know until words form on the pages.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…

breaking upOr not. Because the heart wants what the heart wants.

In Book 1, Fool Me Once, Veronica Parker leaves her husband, Evan, and never looks back. “The next day she was gone, leaving a farewell note on his plate at the dinner table. She had vanished off the face of the earth, with no forwarding address. Her divorce lawyer, one Maryann Mahoney Esq., was a ballbuster, if ever there was one. Vee hadn’t asked for a penny, she wanted nothing from him except her freedom.”

In Book 2, A Bitter Wind Blows, the breakup occurs between the woman who’s reinvented herself as Ronnie and her next-door neighbor, best friend and riding buddy, Mindy Morrison-Myers. “Next, she levered the cork from the bottle and, to Luc’s utter astonishment, held the bottle over the sink, letting the contents run down the drain. “Ronnie!” he gasped. “That’s a fifty-dollar bottle of wine! Why did you pour it out??” She turned to face him, her eyes blazing. “It’s from Mindy,” she hissed, as if that was sufficient explanation. Luc stared at her, open mouthed. “She thinks we’re going to sit on the porch and drink this peace offering and discuss our situation. Well, we’re not!”

In Book 3, Signs of Life, the breakup comes, not between two people, but between ways of life, in two states. Asha Hamilton Hadley has lived happily in Vermont for a decade but change is in the wind. “I hear about it all the time now that Caroline’s moved there,” Asha said. “She loves it.” Suddenly, Tim saw exactly where this conversation was headed. “You’re not suggesting we move to Tennessee, are you?” The expression on Tim’s face told Asha how dumbfounded he was. “I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I just want to take a look.”

And, in Book 4, Ride A Pale Horse, the breakup comes when Stephanie Deschaines drops a bombshell on her father, shattering Luc’s lifelong dream for his only child to attend his alma mater, an ivy league college, as a legacy student. With the choices Stephanie has made, there’s no going back.

A New Year Dawns

2018 was a wonderful year for Linnhe McCarron. Book 1 in The Riverwood Series, Fool Me Once, was released in August, appearing on Amazon in paperback and ebook. The audiobook version of Fool Me Once was contracted and will became available on Audible right around the end of February 2019.

A New Year Dawns

Book 2 in The Riverwood Series, A Bitter Wind Blows, was contracted by the same publisher and is in the process of edits. It should be released later this year.

Book sales at the three area tack shops, Rim Riders, True West Mercantile and South Fork Tack are gratifying.

Linnhe McCarron made several local appearances in 2018, from a sales event at True West in July to October’s National Author Day at the Art Circle Library in Crossville, a tack swap at a nearby equestrian community in November to a December book signing at the Fentress County Library in Jamestown.

Look for us in The True West booth at the Southern Equine Expo in Murfreesboro February 22-24, 2019.

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2018Spending my time writing about characters who have horses, who ride, who enjoy each other’s companionship on the trail…that’s like having a Christmas present every day of the year!

There’s so much that’s rewarding, from the relationships the riders share with each other to the relationships they cherish with their horses.

It’s fun to draw on my experience with horses, to create the characters and have them come alive on the page.

Wishing you and your equine family the happiest of holidays and best wishes for the coming year.

A Writer’s Lament

I read that Danielle Steel is publishing SIX books in 2018. In an interview, she said she often writes for 24 hours at a stretch and, once, for 36 hours straight.

Somehow, I don’t think Danielle Steel is ignoring reproachful glares from cats and dogs. (No one does reproachful glares better than a Siamese cat!) And I’ll bet her horse hasn’t positioned himself under the window he knows she’s behind and is whinnying his head off, demanding his dinner.

ClockIt’s hard, when the mood moves you to write, to have to go to the dentist for a cleaning. Or take the car in for service. Vet visit. Groceries. Designated driver for a colonoscopy. You get the idea…it’s called, “life.”

And it always seems to get in the way when you really want to write. When the plot that has eluded you suddenly comes together in your head and you’re burning to get those ideas down before they’re gone. (And, no, instructing your phone’s virtual assistant to make a note won’t do).

Every writer’s lament has got to be that there just isn’t enough time. Maybe that’s why writers’ retreats are held. Hmmmm…hold that thought.



Eat Your Hearts Out, You Yankees!

In Book 3, Signs of Life, Asha Hamilton Hadley lives in Vermont for the first three-quarters of the story but Riverwood, an equestrian community in Tennessee, is too enticing and she moves her family halfway across the country.

With her first winter weather advisory of the season, she tells her brother Andy, in Boston, “Eat your hearts out, you Yankees!” She enjoys middle Tennessee’s four seasons but is especially gleeful when she watches it coming down outside the windows all day and ends up with a total accumulation of…don’t laugh…about an eighth of an inch.

Light snowfall

Her husband, Tim, appreciates having all of the beauty with none of the drawbacks…like seven loooong months of it, having the snow blower serviced, keeping a bag of ice melt by the back door, rotating snow tires, trying to prevent ice dams from forming on the roof, etc.