Come See for Yourself

Horse lovers love to read books about horses. This I know, because I am one of those readers. Any novel with a horse on the cover draws my attention.

Most of those books are Young Adult, with young characters and fictional situations that young characters find themselves in. My characters are about 40, so Fool Me Once will be marketed in Wild Rose Press’ “Last Rose of Summer” line, as well as a contemporary romance in their regular “Champagne Rose” line.

Right now, I’m more than halfway through the follow on, A Bitter Wind Blows. As I write this morning, the time of year is mid-May and this gorgeous deciduous magnolia is one of the things my characters see as they ride the trails in Big South Fork National Park. It blooms in only two places in Tennessee, and this is one of them.

If you can’t come and see this spectacular country for yourself, you’ll be able to enjoy it vicariously.

Magnolia Blossom 2017


Author: linnhemccarron

Have completed four Contemporary Fiction/Romance novels in The Riverwood Series. The first was released in August 2018; the second is under contract and in the process of edits. The third book and fourth books are in the queue. The fifth is now the current work-in-progress. The setting is Big South Fork, Tennessee which is known as "The Trailriding Capital of the Southeast" so these stories will all appeal to horse lovers who love to read books about horses.

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