The Frost Is On The Pumpkin

No, not that frost. The “other frost;” it’s a year-round thing (and it’s not actually on the pumpkin). The main characters in Book 1, Fool Me Once, and Book 2, A Bitter Wind Blows, are realtors who love to ride. When they’re not working at Horse Country Real Estate or overseeing the development of Riverwood, an equestrian community, they’re out on trails.

They have gaited horses and one of Rickie’s is a buckskin with an unusual feature; it’s a distinctive silvery strip of guard hairs along the crest of his mane and the top of his tail.  Buckskin is a dilute color occurring when the cream gene (CCr) lightens the red/brown color of the horse’s coat to a tan/gold, and the cream (Cr) dilution of the red gene further lightens mane and tail hairs to flaxen or white. Frost is found mainly on buckskin horses.

Frost On Mane

Both Fool me Once and A Bitter Wind Blows are rich in this kind of detail about horses, horse keeping and riding. Book 3, Signs of Life, is as well; it’s the current work in progress, a little more than half done.


Author: linnhemccarron

Have completed four Contemporary Fiction/Romance novels in The Riverwood Series. The first was released in August 2018; the second is under contract and in the process of edits. The third book and fourth books are in the queue. The fifth is now the current work-in-progress. The setting is Big South Fork, Tennessee which is known as "The Trailriding Capital of the Southeast" so these stories will all appeal to horse lovers who love to read books about horses.

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