Cats Rule!

PurrlReaders will be most amused by Ronnie Chandlers Odd-Eyed White cat, Purrl, in Book 1, Fool Me Once. Ronnie is a main character in both Books 1 and Book 2, A Bitter Wind Blows, and Purrl becomes a character in her own right.

There’s this, in Book 1:

She pulled on her favorite, most well-worn pair of pajamas and folded down the duvet, relaxed and ready for sleep. Purrl jumped up on the bed, glad to see Ronnie and more than ready to settle in for the evening. Suddenly, the cat stiffened and a ridge of hair stood up on her spine. There, hidden under the covers was…something that made no sense in her world…and she hissed in outrage.

And this:

A screech snapped her out of her reverie and she looked up to see Purrl leap off the swing and fly into the house in a blur. “What the fuck??” Stephanie snarled. “Even your damn cat’s white! How the Hell was I supposed to see her on that white cushion?!” Ignoring her ugly outburst, Ronnie said mildly, “She was asleep so you probably didn’t notice that her eyes are two different colors. One’s blue and one’s yellow. She’s actually purebred; the breed is called ‘Odd-Eyed White.’ My partner, Andee, loves puns so I thought her name P-U-R-R-L would be a good play on the words “purr” and “Pearl.” Stephanie rudely rolled her eyes.

And this, in Book 2:

Frank’s German Shepherd, Luna, had been invited and she lay on the deck at Frank’s feet, one wary eye on Purrl, Ronnie’s white cat, who was not a gracious hostess.

And this:

“Take mine,” Ronnie offered. “Yours will turn up and, until they do, I’ll use the spare set.” Purrl had an affinity for anything shiny and Ronnie suspected that the keys had attracted the cat’s attention. She liked to bat objects first with one paw and then the other, so things often ended up far from where they originated. She had probably pushed them off the counter, but where they were at that moment was another matter.

And, yes, Ronnie and Purrl continue into Book 3, Signs Of Life, the current work in progress. Book 1 is presently in its second round of edits with The Wild Rose Press and Book 2 is also in the very capable hands of my editor.


Author: linnhemccarron

Have completed four Contemporary Fiction/Romance novels in The Riverwood Series. The first was released in August 2018; the second is under contract and in the process of edits. The third book and fourth books are in the queue. The fifth is now the current work-in-progress. The setting is Big South Fork, Tennessee which is known as "The Trailriding Capital of the Southeast" so these stories will all appeal to horse lovers who love to read books about horses.

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