I Didn’t Choose It…

BLOG Make a ChoiceIt chose me! Sometimes, that’s exactly the way it happens in real life. In fiction, what a perfect way to incorporate a plot twist.

In Book 1, Fool Me Once, Senator Evan Parker travels to Tennessee on a fact-finding trip before casting the swing vote on a bill to privatize the national park. Encountering his ex-wife who happens to be a co-developer of Riverwood, an equestrian community near the park, he delivers an ultimatum that she finds unpalatable. Contingency plans must be hastily devised, and Ronnie Chandler’s life takes an unexpected turn.

In Book 2, A Bitter Wind Blows, there are several instances of the unexpected occurring. Ronnie’s best friend, Mindy Morrison-Myers, is singled out by an unscrupulous con man and, when she refuses to see how she’s being used, her friendship with Ronnie goes off the rails, something neither anticipated. And when Houston architect, Lily Montgomery,  is surprised by a high-risk pregnancy with twins, she’s forced to withdraw from the Riverwood project…enter handsome, charismatic Aaron Marks.

Asha Hamilton never expects bitter enmity with her own twin sister, Alix, in Book 3, Signs of Life, but Alix is the architect of Asha’s downfall when she betrays her in the worst way possible.  Nor did Asha ever expect to buy land at Riverwood and move halfway across the country to Tennessee!

Stephanie Deschaines’ life is on track in Book 4, Ride A Pale Horse, so how is it her best friend, Alison, matriculates at Dartmouth and Stephanie is lucky to get into a state school far, far away after her father pulls some strings….talk about someone’s life taking an abrupt right turn.

It certainly is fun to function as “deus ex machina” and create such unforeseen divergences from the character’s expected path…and then weave the strands back together so it all works out in the end.



Author: linnhemccarron

Have completed four Contemporary Fiction/Romance novels in The Riverwood Series. The first was released in August 2018; the second is under contract and in the process of edits. The third book and fourth books are in the queue. The fifth is now the current work-in-progress. The setting is Big South Fork, Tennessee which is known as "The Trailriding Capital of the Southeast" so these stories will all appeal to horse lovers who love to read books about horses.

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