Can’t Please All Of The People…

…all of the time. And that is the truth!

Once a book is released and it’s available for sale, reviews start coming in. And sometimes they’re mixed. What one person sees as having little substance, another sees as convoluted. So, which is it?

Please all of the people

Actually, it’s neither and it’s both.  Authors have to be thick skinned, to accept the bad with the good. To revel in the five-star reviews, to be pleased that  readers enjoyed your book. But, also, to think about the occasional two-star review and learn from it.

Sometimes, the criticism is valid.  Sometimes it’s reader bias. And sometimes…when your editor suggests you add detail to flesh out the secondary characters and then you get a crummy review because a reader expected the story to be about a main character and found the lesser characters distracting…you just have to remind yourself that you can’t please all of the people all of the time.


Author: linnhemccarron

Have completed four Contemporary Fiction/Romance novels in The Riverwood Series. The first was released in August 2018; the second is under contract and in the process of edits. The third book and fourth books are in the queue. The fifth is now the current work-in-progress. The setting is Big South Fork, Tennessee which is known as "The Trailriding Capital of the Southeast" so these stories will all appeal to horse lovers who love to read books about horses.

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